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Christmas is coming and every children have requested their preferred gifts. Sadly, they all have been doing bad things, some of them were just mischiefs, others hideous acts. Sizar will have to guess which kind of present each and every kid wishes and jugde which of them truly deserve to receive a gift.

If he wants to be the next Santa's assistant, he will have to reward the good ones and punish the bad ones. But if he wants to be a Halloween elf he will have to do the opposite! </p>


Use your mouse to select the present you want to deliver to each child.
(The darky looking kids want darky presents, the others want traditional ones).


  • Ana Alix - Game design | Art
  • Álvaro Anaya Marín (@Dantronk) - Game design | Art
  • David Báez (@dabamaqui) - Game design | Programming
  • Lucas González (@LucasGZP) - Game design | Programming
  • Daniel Parejo (@parejomusic) - Music | Sounds

Jam results

(Jam entries: 32).

  • Graphics: #4 (4.01 / 5.00)
  • Audio: #4 (3.81 / 5.00)
  • Use of theme: #5 (3.97 / 5.00)
  • Fun: #11 (3.32 / 5.00)
  • Overall: #7 (3.78 / 5.00)


Internship Before Christmas - Pc | Mac | Linux 31 MB