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Co-op puzzle-platformer. Collaborating through time, the knight and the scientist are able to explore the temple where he died and save his life!

Our entry for the Global Game Jam (January, 2015). | Theme: "What do we do now?". | Engine: Unity 3D.

Time Dungeon

The legend of a valiant knight and an archaeologist who discovers the truth behind his demise. By collaborating through time, the old hero and the scientist are able to explore the ancient temple where the knight died, and save his life! Time Dungeon is a cooperative platformer where you and a friend have to think and comunicate quickly to resolve the tasks and traps that are between you and the exit before the darkness reaches you.


Archaeologist: A-D to move, W to jump, Q to shoot the chrono-sphere.
As the archeologist, you can send boxes through time to help the knight.

Knight: Right and left arrow to move, up arrow to jump.
As the knight, you can move heavy objects like boxes, and influence the future!



TimeDungeon_PcMacLinux.zip 27 MB